The Urantia book program was written using Trolltech's Qt software development kit. The engine was writen on OpenGL which is the root of my 3d scene engine.

The program is written in C++ source. These are english-like statements that resemble a foreign language which is used to create the executable file. It is really a lot mathematical symbolic statements.

The internet does not have the capability, as yet, to deliver the kind of content that a desktop does. The base platform is OpenGL. Most of the work done to deliver special effects are done using this base platform. Creating the program above this platform, I admit, is difficult. A 3d world is a complex piece of work. All interesting games are now pretty much all done on 3d platforms.

I began using the system in a real world environment at a power plant in Costa Mesa California on June 2nd, 1996. The system is currently in control of several building's HVAC units and hundred points of control in the Power Plant at Fariview Develpmental Center, as it is an automation system that controls temperatures, pressures, flows, tank levels, boiler startups and shutdowns, air conditioning system startups and shutdowns along with control of every element of that system which delivers air conditioning to 40 buildings. It does so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It has an artificial brain that you can watch as it thinks (using basic computer logic) and makes it's decisions controlling entities. The buildings are all animated in 3d and the program is able to be changed in real-time without shutting down the plant. You can view the 1700 logic thoughts that it uses to control the system. All logical thoughts are presented with their interconnections animated to show the type of thought sent from one control to the other.

The Urantia Book's virtualization project uses it's own artificial thoughts to control the system. I have left this side hidden as I want the book's view to be as easy as possible to use and understand.  Anyone curious about this side of the system is welcome to view it. Leave me a message and I'll give you the password into the system's brain. Then you can view it's thinking processes on screen while you see any automation taking place.

I spend, on average, 35 hours a week on this project. Only a commitment of this magnitute could bring about a system of this size. I started converting it to run the Urantia Book in July, 2008 and will continue to as long as my own brain is functioning.

The size of the system/program dwarfs any other endeavor I have done. It consists of 9.5 million characters of source code.