The upgrade list somewhat prioritized in order:

-- 3d effects system

-- Add surface features to spheres like Sea of Glass with animations. For instance: present glowing colored broadcast cone from the sea of glass shining outward from sphere.

-- Add Star Shader

-- Add Glow Shader

-- Selection triangles. Shows which objects can be selected and the type of selection.

-- Hit list should show the titles on each occurrence hit in book view.

-- On selection of objects, favorite entries for that object should come first before the index view gives up all entries in the book for that selection. For instance: Just opening the index with the word Jerusem doesn't bring up the primary description of the sphere.

- Enter new entries in Help system.

-- Create ability to merge scenes so that fly-throughs can be done between scenes. For instance: Take the trip to paradise from Urantia all the way up through all the architectual spheres

-- Create the fly-through from Earth to Paradise, include all current animations created for the trip to Paradise.

-- Enhance index to give exact phrase capability when quotes are placed around multiple words.

-- Complete time input change graph. This way, user can position time sequence animation at the position they desire. Let's say you want to move through the pangea movement of the planet continents. With the position sequence bar, they can control the changes, backward or forward. Another instance is the movement of races or a specific evolution sequence or ect, ect, ect on and on

-- Create a scene separation program so that anyone that creates scenes can add them to the main database over the internet, a kind of 3d animated wiki format. The internet currently has very limited 3d capability. Until such a time, this will have to do.

-- Add voice and video startup on selections.

-- Upgrade Print capabilities.

-- Add charts that can be clicked to jump to the book index and present the topic of the clicked chart entry.

-- Links to the internet from object selection. On this, I may add this to the index page so that a dialog will open showing internet sites that present information on this selection.

-- Upgrade system so that it can handle non-latin languages. It currently works with Spanish and French and a little bit of Tagalog but doesn't handle Kanji and the like. It's just a matter of insuring the program uses international string functions. It mostly does but hasn't been tested.

Ideas for scenes and fly-throughs:
We can change, edit and redo any part of the sequences and this is an evolutionary project.

-- Pangea and the Continent Migrations

-- Space Respiration.

-- Paradise energy flows through the Master Universe.

-- Master Universe views showing personality positions with all the index selections features and connections to charts.

-- Animations for the Absolutes

-- Animated history of Urantia's events showing all the positions and some form of animation showing their whereabouts on planet earth. For instance: Earth spins to the location of Dalamatia, zooms in, presents characters being created, a kind of time position indicating above the entire scene. After showing a few events, like the sinking in the Indian Ocean, showing the birth of the garden with Van and Amadon.

-- The Garden of Eden

-- The Melchizedek journey

-- An overview of Jesus' journey on planet Earth showing all the individuals and times.

-- The red race's migration.

-- The evolution timelines

-- The personalities of the Master Universe

-- The Jerusem circles with pearly gate transparent crystals

-- Master spirit lines of control with glow around superuniverse lines of control.

-- Paradise deity gravity

The list is huge. The history of Urantia, by itself, could grow to 1000 scenes.