Instructions on how to use the Virtual Urantia Book

To switch between English, French and Spanish, select the Global Properties button on the Toolbar and then change the language on the 'Specify Language drop down list. When the program is restarted, it will then present everything in the language chosen.


Toolbar Buttons

Home Icon: Opens of closes scene window. Used to open and view the different scenes.

Question Icon: Help screens: not working.

Printer Icon: Not working yet.

Movie Icon: Stops or starts automation spin of scene.

Cube Icon: Turns wireframe on/off. That is, you can look at the geometry of the scenes.

Book Icon: Opens the Urantia book index.

The two tile icons. Postions multiple scenes in a tile horizontally or vertically

The scene window: After clicking on the little house button, you can, by clicking on the + sign, various scenes will present themselves. You can then select a scene with the mouse and the click on the 'Show selected' button and the scene will open in the main window to the right.

Navigation through scene animations:

Holding the left mouse button and moving mouse spins the scenes. The right button tilts the scene. Spinning and pushing the center button zooms in and out through the scene. Pushing the center button and moving mouse will move scene left and right or up and down. Using the shift + arrow keys moves through all the various scene objects. This way, you can travel through Jerusem to see the Mansion Worlds up close where the resurrection halls exist.


To start the Jerusem movie sequence, First open the Jerusem scene and then click on the button on the bottom of the screen and the sequence will begin.