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November 12th, 2010

To all:

Normally, I update this email list every few months when my progress has taken another step and will continue to do so.

For my own history and for anyone who feels like following my day to day progress, I will be posting on this blog. Some of the information will be very detailed and technical in nature.



October 21st, 2010

The world of the Internet is about to change dramatically. In August, I mentioned that the Internet would be able to put out 3d scenes, that is, the trip to Paradise, but something even more amazing has happened. Google is releasing Native Client for their Chrome browser. It has changed the way I will work overnight. That is saying a lot since I've been programming computers since 1981. .

Google's Native Client represents one of greatest advances to the Internet since the Internet was born. It's been growing for a while though, yet I just found out about it last thursday. I am a C++ programmer. Browsers, operating systems, word processors, databases, games on consoles and on desktops and embedded devices like your car computer, your phone, now your TV, all have the same thing in common, they are mostly run with C or C++ code. Now, thanks to Native Client, our code will run directly from the browser. What this means to the Virtual Urantia project is that I don't have to use two different programs, one for the Internet and one for the desktops, phones and TVs. It also means that it is secure from viruses, trojans and the like.They are working at getting other browser creators to adopt it, as it is open-sourced, but most are resisting the change. They will come around though.

Instead of downloading the Trip to Paradise, you will simply visit the Internet page and it will run, no installation necessary. It will run on your phone, your Apple computer, your new Internet based TV and most everything that runs on the Internet. Google created a sandbox in which the program runs without being able to talk to the local computer, except for a very prescribed way, so it removes security issues. I've slowly come to the realization that, even though I think the Trip to Paradise is already an incredible program, Urantians do not want to download and install a new program on their computer. With all the viruses and the like, no one wants to take that chance. This, to me, is a challenge, find a way around the problem. I spent an entire month converting to X3D, which runs on the Internet but I was really dissatisfied with the results. The way that works, unequivocally, is Native Client.

On the trip to Paradise: The effects system is up and running. I just can't wait to update the program, make it work on Native Client and place it up on the Internet. It's such an exciting time for developers like me. You will see the Internet completely change in the next year or two. It will feature rich interfaces that present enormous amounts of powerful programs at our fingertips. For an example, the Unity 3d game creation engine has just been ported to run on Native Client. It's first project was the Star Wars Lego program. A full featured 3d game engine running directly on the Internet without any installation. Wow!!

I've already tested several small programs and it works, it actually works. My first release will be the Urantia Book query engine. It is very powerful at being able to search the Urantia Book. I hope to have the synonym library up and running with the search engine by the release date. That is, if you search for home, you will get house and the like being shown also. I've played around with a multiple language search engine and I believe I can get it working with not too much difficulty.

Once again, it is an exciting time.

Pierre Chicoine


August 24th, 2010

I've been asked by several people how the project is doing so it's definitely time to update my progress.

Gary Konde has gracefully decided to help in creating scenes that are really attractive. You can see his work on his site. Really beautiful stuff on the Grand Universe.

www.visionafar.com (it is linked here)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CkbbohKDoY&fmt=22 (the Youtube page)

Feverishly working on an update to the program that allows 3d effects to be added to the system. Envisioning all these wonderful ways of presenting influences throughout the Grand Universe. For instance: streaming influences out of Nether Paradise in a kind of transparent water stream filled with glowing steam like effects. Glow effects like what Gary uses in his movie. Realistic cloud-like Nebulae in space. Hope to be ready for these soon. They will be released in the new version. Will try to get an Apple machine to create a version for that platform. Finances are limited, so it may be a while.

For these effects the system now has a full programming environment that can apply these in a 3d world. Really exciting stuff. Also of note is that the Internet will soon be capable of playing 3d scenes. Version 4.7 of Firefox, Safari and Chrome will be able to do so soon in the next couple of months.

Also, many phones will be able to support the trip to Paradise.