I am a computer programmer/developer. Since 1981, I've been deeply involved with automating businesses.

My career in the computer field began with Business Home Computers in Anaheim. There, I used several early programs like Wordstar, Datastar, Supersort and the like to create company databases and front ends on CPM based machines.  Over the next two decades, I created Kiosk based real estate programs that we're used to sell new and used homes. I also created the visual real-estate programs that we're used by companies like the Meyers Group and Bank of America as their internal means of decision making for loans given to developers and the amounts loaned. The developers, in turn, used the programs through the Meyers Group to make decisions about profitability and to present visual views of their models, first localized on computers and eventually on the internet. Working with GIS, the original computer Earth mapping systems, we created the first map manipulations to present developer and area information, such as new model home pictures, over one hundred attributes of the homes (price per sq ft, ect) and location of developer sites. It worked much like the GPS maps used today.

From real-estate, I moved into aerospace where I partnered with Ken Stiles of Stiles Computing, to create an automated maintenance manual. That is, the book for maintenance of the MD11 aircraft. The 100,000 page manual, was first, created by 145 tech writers, then placed into a database and separated into the respective aircraft fleets and then sent to various airlines around the world. Following that, together, with Ken, we created the first digital manual for the Swiss consortium of aircraft along with the first ATA specifications for this digital manual.

It was in aerospace that I first began to play with 3d systems for onboard display of alarm conditions. Douglas Aircraft was going out of business, they eventually merged with Boeing. I left before the sale and moved into power plants where I worked as an engineer for the State of California. There, at Farview State Hospital, a 3/4 square mile facility, I continued my real-time 3d visual program that controlled the facility's power plant and outlying virtual 3d views of the multiple buildings. I regard June 2nd, 1996 as the beginning of these three dimensional visualization techniques, the control side of the system was started in 1991.

I have been visualizing the Urantia Book for some time but did not have the tools to make these visualizations come to life for anyone else. Using 'Hal', (the engineers at Fairview affectionally call the system 'Hal' after the 2001 space odyssey movie), they can manipulate and control the facility.

It talks to them, and can listen, but most of all, it controls five or six hundred sensor based digital controls. Hal monitors and controls temperatures, pressures, flows, startups/shutdowns of equipment, warnings, and most of all, the facility is in transparent 3d in front of the user on multiple distributed computers.

Up to now, I've been getting the system ready for market. When I went to the 2008 conference in Los Angeles, I experienced the children of the Urantia Book readers. I've been involved before, president of Fusla (UBLA) twice, and ran a study group for twenty years in Anaheim but nothing could have meant as much as the sight of these children. They are different. Some of them grew up without religious fears or short-sighted views of civilization. It was then that I decided that I would dedicate myself to using these talents that I have of creating movie-like, user interfaces that present the Urantia Book. The money can wait, it will happen eventually, I have no doubt.

I cannot take the chance of leaving this world without having done my best at helping the revelation. This is my gift and my joy.

Pierre Chicoine