December 31st, 2008

A new download is now available.

I'm still a long ways from having a replete Virtual Urantia system, content is still sparse. I expect by the end of 2009, it'll be ready to view large sections of the book. Well, I can hope I get that far.

Improved Lemur migration animation with Lemur picture that moves with migration arrow.

I've added a drop down list box at the top of the main window to make it easy to move from scene to scene. Also the scene animations for the presented scene appear adjacent to the scene window. You can now select animations from that list and they will play immediately.

When creating index word search in Urantia Book index viewing window, you can now just click on enter and all the citations for those words will appear. I've yet to save your text enlargement settings, it's on the list.

Depending on which computer you own, you may have a problem seeing pictures. If there is no continents showing in the Earth scene, then you have the problem, haven't figured out why yet.

That's it.

Happy New Year.


 December 26th,2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Uploaded a new version for download. Don't forget to uninstall your old version. It has many problem fixes. A new movie/animation exists in the Earth Scene which describes the movement of the North American Lemurs across the Bering land bridge and into the Mesopotamian peninsula. It's simple but it does show rotation of the planet, arrow movement and my narration/sound is mixed with the animation making it much more interesting. I will add Lemur pictures and continue this into the history of Urantia. It is the beginning of the complete trip to Paradise.

Also, I've added a forum on the website that can be used to keep anyone in touch with any changes or suggestions or problems in the system. If you like what I'm doing, please come to the forum,  make a suggestion or just leave a message and let me know you exist.

It's a tall mountain and I'm climbing it, step by step.


 December 24th, 2008

I am in the process of creating geometry for the race animation system. Morphing is quite difficult so it will have to wait till later when I'm up to tackling the morphing system.

December 21st, 2008

The animation system now has the ability to add sound and music to it's movie sequence. Started animation sequence back to the creation of the human race from the Lemur movements over the Bering bridge. I'll begin the creation of  the movie/animation sequence from there. I will have another download ready in maybe another two weeks, it will have just the beginnings of the race migration. That'll start the year off the right way.

December 12th, 2008

Working on the race movements across the globe. This may take as much as a month to program and a day to create when the program is capable. There's no simple way of handling morphing objects and this is the best way of handling this particular problem. Above the morphing capability lies the issue of coloring these volume changing objects. In a 3d system, all objects are built out of X,Y,Z positioned vertices or points in 3d space. Each of these has to be controlled in a dual manner, one for position and secondarily for color, these changes take their input from a table of information controlled by the animation system and the scrollbar so that the changes can be reversed when called to do so. Once complete though, I can use this same system to animate different types of objects for later use.

December 9th, 2008

Completed the slider bar control. Will connect this slider to animations so that any user can control the animations. For example, watching the races move across the Earth while the slider is representative of time. If the user clicks on the slider, the animation will stop and then wait for the user to slide the pointer forward or backward.

Concurrent animations now working. For example when moving towards the Paradise isle you can simultaneously rotate to see a better view of it. Both the move of the camera and the rotation of the camera can now occur at the same time.

December 2nd, 2008

 The Virtual Urantia Book now works with French, English and Spanish on some menus and dialogs. Although not complete, it is a good beginning. At least, I've attempted to do my best at translating. I think it can be used in those languages. There are over 2000 words and sentences throughout the system so it will take a while to finish. Please, if you speak these languages and you notice a problem, email me and I'll make the change.Obviously what is still in English has not been translated yet.

Tomorrow, the new version will be available on the net. I have no way of uploading where I am at now but it is complete.

Also, the new version has the new Havona orbs so you can move/travel through those. I've removed the memory problems so nothing stays in memory if the program is closed as soon as it is launched. Aside from a message, it will exit, if the program is closed before the first 30 seconds or so. After that, the book index is fully loaded and realized.

I am itching at the bit to get back to some animations, so I will continue there before coming back to the mundane parts of the program.

Thanks for all the people who have showed their support as I begin this venture, you've been really helpful. It's good to know someone is using it.



November 30th

Added Google Translator to main page on website. I will continue to add for all pages as time permits.

Started simplified help system, it shows mouse navigations of current scene. I will continue to update as the occasion arises. A new install will be available on the website tomorrow. It shows the new paradise circuits and takes less memory to run.

Created track for Earth animations. All it does is move in and out. It will evolve into a history track.

I am now working on the Spanish and French versions and then sound playback within movies.

November 26th, 2008

Completed Shaders which allows Movie-like digital effects. Created the spheres of Havona. They basically are dots positioned in 3d space, no computer could handle the graphics load of real spheres. I may add a routine that converts them to spheres as the camera comes in close proximity.I will place a new upload of the system for download tonight or tomorrow. I've uploaded the new pictures of Havona on

You can make your own with the system. The isle of Paradise is next.


 November 16th, 2008

Last night someone mentioned to me that they tried running the system on an Apple computer. Sorry about that.

The Virtual Urantia Book doesn't as yet run on Apple computers. It is perfectly capable of doing so, as the system is cross-platformed. I don't own an Apple computer and it would take me a couple of weeks to a month to get it running on one if I did. I do plan, eventually, to purchase one and then make it work, that is on the list. My apologies to anyone who runs exclusively on Apple computers.

Also, I haven't had any requests, as yet, for a Spanish or French edition. I've shifted priorities until I have the Paradise ascent completed so those editions are on the list.

From the feedback I've been getting, I realize if it is to make a mark in the non-Urantia community, it has to be attractive, so shaders are on the top of my list for now. Shaders create Hollywood-like effects that will give me the opportunity to present animated concepts.

November 14th, 2008

I am currently working on the shader that will create the Havona orbs. As this is my first graphics shader, this will take a while.Although I've read an extensive book on shaders, it is one thing to read about it and then quite another to do. The work, though, is well worth it. Shaders will give me the ability to do some really fantastic things. For instance: showing the mixture of color on the surface of Earth as the races move across the globe over a period of time.

 This has been my favorite from day one.

I wanted to mention that anyone is welcome to use anything from this project. 

November 10th, 2008

Pictures of the Paradise ascent are now available on line at:

Completed spheres for Edentia, Ensa, Splandon and Uversa. Created beginnings of the Havona/Paradise system. They can all be flown though using the keyboard and the mouse (Instructions on The circuits of Havona are just toroids (doughnuts) for now but will expand into Havona orbs. I have to create a 3d shader (program) that creates stars in multiple ways, such as the Milky Way, the Magellenic Clouds, Andromeda, Havona orbs and so on. 

You can download the new program from:

November 9th, 2008

New upgraded program placed on site. Index working, Edentia spheres positioned. Completed Ensa and Splandon but did not get a chance to place them in the upgrade.

November 8th, 2008

Edentia Spheres complete. Postioned 771 spheres in 3d space around Edentia. Whew! Tedious but satisfying. Painted them white but may change color back to shade of blue for animations. Look better. When Edentia is clicked, it opens the book with Edentia's info in the book.

November 5th, 2008

The first movie is working!

 The programming to create movies from scene fly-throughs is ready. I put the first draft of Jerusem on this morning. It has no sound and no planet features as yet but it does take you to Mansion World #1 and then brings up the resurection halls and then backs on out.

 View First Draft of Jerusem

The trip to Paradise has begun.